Hey Folks

Sorry for the radio silence here, but I think I did mention a while ago that I'm not the best at updating this blog. A lot has happened since the last update. I released 4 shorts (Ex Occultus, Android Jones #2, Forbidden Love & The Devil You Know), successfully funded a Kickstarter for a printed collection of all my shorts and I am close to wrapping up two pitches. So things have been happening, I just talk about it more on Twitter than here. 

However I will do my best to be better about that. In the meantime I did want to share something really cool here. I randomly stumbled upon a great artist working for Disney named Matt DeWater. Turns out he's not only from my hometown but went to the same high school as I did too! I really liked his style and tricked him into drawing an Android Jones pinup which you can see below. You should all follow him on Twitter HERE.