"Here We Go": Update

Hello everyone. Things are moving along really nicely on "Here We Go". Anwar has completed all the roughs (which are pretty much full pencils) for the entire short. So now it's on to inks and colors.  

Working on this story has been one of the best experiences for me so far working on comics. Anwar has been an amazing collaborator. We've talked daily about the project, we share ideas, try new things, it's been really fun and exciting. This is why I love comics so much. Also, seeing his passion for this project is really motivating for me. Sometimes I am worried artists are working on projects, but it's more about the money than the story. When you find a collaborator who loves the project as much as you do, I believe that will make the project the best it can be.  

As much as I love this whole creating process, I am so anxious to get this out for everyone to see. I don't know I've ever been this excited about a story before and I'm really excited about every project I do. I think this is the best short I've written so far and it's also by far the most emotional one. And the emotion is coming through Anwar's drawings as well.  

So because I am not the biggest believer in keeping everything secret, I wanted to share the first inked page from the short. I won't share everything because I do want people to discover the fun when you read it as a whole, but I want to give you all a taste of Anwar's amazing work on this book.  

Get excited, cause I know I am. 



 "Here We Go": Page 1 Inks