Character Designs

So I updated a while ago that I am working on some short comics to post here on the site. Things are progressing along. One of the shorts is called "The Daring Adventures of Android Jones". This is a little Sci-Fi Adventure drawn by Aleksi Rokka. You can check out more of his work here. Here are some character designs of Jones along with his robotic sidekick named PIP, along with a colored version that Aleksi finished up to give it a "cover" feel. Aleksi really nailed the look of both characters in these designs. I love the design of Jones, but PIP is my absolute favorite. Just plain awesome! The first short in the Android Jones series is six pages. The first short is written and I started on the second last night. Aleksi is finishing up some other work right now and should get started drawing this the middle of May. Stay tuned.

Character Designs of Android Jones & PIP.

Faux Cover for Android Jones

The 2nd short I've been working on I am calling "Here We Go" for the time being and this story is about a mother and her son on the drive to the first day of school and the "adventure" they go on. Believe it or not this story has aliens,  dinosaurs and Pirate Monkeys. The amazing Randy Bishop is doing art for this and I really can't wait to see what he comes up with. Randy has a short in the upcoming anthology "The Thrilling Adventure Hour" which is being published by the incredible Archaia. You can check out more of Randy's stellar work at his site here.  

Below are the first character designs from Randy of the Pirate Monkeys and I think I can properly sum them up with two words. HELL YES! The 2nd is a sample of two finished pages of Randy's story from the Thrilling Hour so you can see what he is capable of. Yeah, needless to say, I am really excited about both of these stories. "Here We Go" right now is coming in at 10 pages. Randy and I are tightening up the script now and then he'll get drawing. 

Hope you all enjoy and I can't wait to share the final product with everyone.


Concept art for "Here We Go" - Pirate Monkeys

Randy Bishop Sample page from "The Thrilling Adventure Hour".

Randy Bishop Sample page from "The Thrilling Adventure Hour".