Hey folks. Sorry for the lack of posts here. Things are always happening and I talk about all of it on Twitter but then I forget to post about them here.

At the beginning of March I went out to Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle for the second year in a row. It was another amazing trip and although I was pitching anything this year, I actually feel I made more progress with this show then last year. The face to face time is so important in comics and it was nice to further establish relationships with people I interact with on Twitter. Got to hang with a ton of great people and also had some people I really respect say some nice things about my comic work and the approach I am taking, trying to get in. I came back from the trip, more energized than ever.

Since then I've put the final touches on the re-write of the 1st issue for Blinded. George and I are planning on re-launching this as a web comic within the next few months. Brittany Matter has been editing it and her and I have been working hard on re-tooling the previous scripts to make them even better. I can honestly say, this new re-write for Issue #1 is a 1000x better than the original script I wrote and pitched a few years back. George is working on character designs and then soon will start laying out and drawing pages. Can't wait to get this one to everyone.

In other comic news I've just been on the artist hunt again, trying to write some more short stories and continue to build content. Had a couple of really interesting ideas since I got back that I am working on developing. One idea I had over this weekend might have already found an artist which is exciting. I also got an email tonight that I might finally have an artist for the Western short I wrote a while back. Don't want to say anything till it;s confirmed (cause I don't want to jinx it) but I will say that this is an artist I've been dying to work with, he's an established artist and boy oh boy is his art work amazing! So pumped. 

So that's about it for now. I'll try to be better about posting but if you want up to date info, follow me on twitter.