Hey Everyone

It's been a while so I thought I should give an update, there have been some exciting things going on here at HQ. First off, I've been working on a short called "The Daring Adventures of Android Jones" for a few months with an artist. The short was all roughed out and I've been waiting for the final pages. I just got word a few weeks ago that the artist has to bow out of the project. However the good news is I already have a replacement. I am proud to announce that the incredible Ryan Cody (Doc Unknown) will be working on this short. He is wrapping up some deadlines currently so we are hoping to start the short at the end of this month.

Another short "Ex Occultus: The Sword of Pelus" is almost finished. Joanna Estep just turned in the final inks and they look great. Now they just need to get colored and lettered. Joanna did such a killer job on these pages and I can't wait to see Paulina's colors over them. Hopefully we can wrap this short up soon. The elevator pitch for Ex Occultus is "Indiana Jones meets the Ex Files in the 19th century." Check out this page from Joanna.


Next after searching for an artist for almost two years I've finally found someone to draw my Western short called "Forbidden Love". I am working with Artyom Trakhanov. His currently finishing up some other work so we've been working on this slowly, but he already did full color rough layouts and they look great. It's really cool to see some actual images of this story after all this time. He's working on some character designs right now and then will start working on the pages. Really excited to get this one done.

Finally, work is about to resume on the "Dash, Bradbury" pitch. I've mentioned this before, I am working on this with Tim Daniel (Cursed) and Nick Johnson (Wolf Hands). Tim has been tied up finishing work on Cursed for BOOM! but his deadlines should be done so we can get back to working on the pitch. If you haven't heard about this pitch or maybe you forgot, this is a larger story set in the universe of "Here We Go". See below for a pinup Nick did. Pretty awesome, huh?




So that's it for now. Hope to have more comics to share soon. Talk to you later.