Surprise, Surprise!

Here is the 2nd script I finished this last week. For those who don't me when it comes to comics I'm am largely a creator owned guy. I read an occasional Marvel/DC book but for the most part they don't do it for me. I also think I am one of the few people trying to break into comics who has no real desire to write for the Big 2. Not to say I wouldn't if it was the right opportunity or story, but that's just not a major goal of mine. I'm more interested in telling my own stories. Right now doing a story with established characters makes sense to me if I can show them doing something different. That was the basis for a writing contest a few years back which led to my "Casey at the Bat" spin I posted last year. The other morning when I was brushing my teeth I had an idea for what is essentially the punchline of a joke or running gag involving Spiderman. He has always been my favorite character since I was a kid so I guess it makes sense. I didn't know if was actually funny, funny just to me, or just really stupid. So I ran the idea by a friend and he enjoyed it so I thought, why not write it down.

I am happy with the way both shorts turned out and I hope you get a kick out of reading them. It is a fun exercise to try to tell a complete story in 5 or 6 pages. I really wanted Spidey to be 5 pages but as I was writing I found that I really needed that extra page. I think in this case it helps make the story stronger.



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