Pitch is Complete!

ECCC HERE WE COME!!!! So excited to finally be able to say, the pitch is complete. The final files will be uploaded to the printer today and this bad boy is ready to shop at Emerald City Comic Con NEXT WEEKEND! The pitch has turned out great. Hannah's pages are so incredible, every time I see them I am in complete awe. She really brought a life to these characters I couldn't have imagined. Thomas's letters and design are great. If anyone out there thinks that lettering isn't important to a book, you could not be more wrong. Proper lettering is so vital to a book and Thomas has done a knockout job with this pitch. And Greig came on last minute and did a killer cover and even a design of the amulet to use in the pitch book. The whole team has been amazing! It's been so much fun putting this together.

I am so excited to share this with people and also very nervous. Everyone has worked so hard on this, I really hope someone at ECCC takes notice. We'd really love the chance to tell the rest of this story. I'll do an update from the con after next weekend and see if I have any good news to share. For now, check out the awesome cover below as well as our logline:

The Kingdom of Roan is at war.  Both sides vie desperately to awaken the last dragon to fight for them, a lost relic whose ancestors were living weapons of mass destruction long uninterested in human affairs.  Whoever controls the dragon will win the war, and the secret to bringing it over lies with two ordinary teenagers who have no idea how important they've just become.