Creator Owned Day

Yesterday was Creator Owned Day across the web and tons of people got involved on Twitter, trying to raise awareness to Creator Owned Books. Since I basically only read creator owned books, I feel like EVERYDAY is creator owned day, but it's awesome seeing people make a push for it. I think we need to see more creator owned books getting made and less of a reliance on the Big 2. I do think there are some great books out there right now from the Big 2 (Synder's new Batman run is pretty great) but I would just love to see books like Green Wake or Mystery Society sell as many copies as Animal Man or one of the 100 Wolverine books on the shelf. The sad fact is most creator owned books don't sell well, which is why most don't continue. If it hadn't been for a creator owned book called Pride of Baghdad, I never would have gotten into comics. And if it hadn't been for creator owned books like Y: The Last Man, The Walking Dead, Scalped and DMZ, I probably wouldn't have stayed reading comics. It's only been recently that I've started to branch out and read some of the Big 2 stuff and the new DC 52 is great because of the few books I've tried, I don't feel so overwhelmed not knowing years upon years of back stories and major events. But for me, creator owned books is where it's at. I think they are telling some of the most interesting stories out there and I think if people knew that comics was more than superheroes, they might be more willing to give them a try.

So yesterday on Creator Owned Day I did not read a Creator Owned Book, instead I spent my time last night working on CREATING my own book. As you well know, Hannah and I are working on a new pitch which we are hoping to have ready to pitch for either Emerald City or c2e2 in a few weeks. Last night I sat down and plotted out EVERY page for ALL SEVEN ISSUES we are hoping to get the chance to tell. This way if the book gets picked up, it will make the writing process that much easier, because I have a detailed outline of what should happen on every page. Not to say things won't change, but this just really helps me out a ton when it comes to scripting.

So you can check out the pic below and keep it locked here. I will be sharing more from the pitch as it gets finished. Hoping to see cover roughs from Greig tonight. Very exciting stuff.