Casey at the Bat - With a twist

Hey Everyone. So I thought I'd share a script I wrote last year. Viper Comics had a writing contest and you had to write a 5 page story about an established character, but if I remember it correctly they wanted to see this character (or characters) in a different type of situation than they are normally in. Unlike a lot of aspiring comic book writers, right now I have no desire to write Marvel or DC characters. I much prefer coming up with my own stories and creating something original. But in this situation, I was forced to use an existing character. I wasn't sure what to do and thought about it for some time and then it hit me. I've been a big fan of the story "Casey at the Bat" since I was a kid. I loved the cartoon they showed when I was younger, it's just a cool story. To me, Superman immediately stuck out as being the perfect "Casey", so I decided to do a spin on the poem pitting a Marvel team vs. a DC team with Superman playing the part of Casey.

I did not win the contest, obviously, but I was pretty happy with my script and thought it would be a fun thing to actually see come to life. So I've been casually looking for an artist for this but have had no such luck as of yet. So I figured I'd at least put my script out in the world if nothing else just to share the idea and maybe get some feedback on the script. If any artist reads this and would be interested in drawing it, let me know. writejessewrite at gmail dot com

So here is the script. I hope you all enjoy!


See the finished comic HERE.