So while PERFECT DAY was a first for me, being my first silent comic, this was another first. This was the first time I wrote something, specifically for an artist. I've been following Matt's work online for a bit and I happened to catch a tweet one day that he wanted to build up his portfolio and was looking for writers to write some comics for him to work on. So I got in touch, he told me he wanted to do some action scenes so I came up with this short comic and away we went. Usually I am coming up with an idea and trying to find an artist because I need them to work on a project for MY portfolio. It was kind of cool to work on something for someone else's portfolio. Matt was easy to work with and one of the quicker artists I've worked with. 

For colors Matt brought on Fred Stresing who I'd not worked with before but he did a good job of bringing these pages to life and creating the urgency the story was trying to convey. 

For letters we have David Hopkins who I've know for a while but didn't realize until recently that he did lettering. We've been talking for a bit about doing something together and when this project came up, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity. David did a great job with the letters which as I've mentioned before is so vital to any comic. 

Hope you enjoy this little comic about a couple of thieves. 

Art: Matt Lesniewski

Colors: Fred C. Stresing

Letters: David Hopkins