I'll talk about this one after the comic. Enjoy!


This is an idea I had at the beginning of the year. I was watching a movie on TV where a bad guy was raising an ancient being to do his bidding (might have been the Mummy 3) and it there was a scene where the human bad guy gets kind of confronted by the SUPER bad guy and it looks a little fearful but nothing happens. I thought it would be kind of funny if this bad dude with all this power was like, "Screw You, I've got the power and I'll do what I want. I'm not listening to you". That idea made me laugh and I knew I had to write it out as a short. 

I found Trevor's work online when he did a comic with a friend of mine called "Agent G". I liked his style and thought it would work well for this story. We brought Kote in to color and he did a nice job adding tones to Trevor's art. I love the brighter tone he used for the outside of the temple and kind of really makes me want to explore that world a little more. 

And as always, Thomas is back on letters. It's been a treat working with him again on these last two shorts. He always does such a great job and it's been an honor to work with him all these years. 

Hope you enjoyed this little short and thanks for taking the time to check it out. 

- Jesse

ART: Trevor Fraley

COLORS: Kote Carbajal

LETTERS: Thomas Mauer