One day on Twitter I happened to catch a tweet from my friend Jason Copland, about some pages he had drawn years earlier. They were simply an exercise and he drew these 11 pages with no story in mind. He then put them on a blog and said any writers that wanted to use them to craft a story were free to do so. You can check out his original post and story about this HERE

I was all finished with my planned shorts for my portfolio, but saw this as not only an opportunity to add another short but also a great writing exercise to craft a story around pages that already exist. This was a lot of fun and also challenging. I only used 8 of the pages because for the story I was going for, I couldn't find a way to work them all in. 

I really enjoyed the sketchy, rough style of these pages. Different from other stories I've done and I also haven't done a crime type story, so that was a blast as well.

Hope you enjoy and a big thanks to Jason for letting me play around with this. 

Art:  Jason Copland

Letters: Thomas Mauer


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