5 page short based on the classic tale "Casey at the Bat" by Ernest Thayer.

A few years ago I entered a writing contest and the rules were you had to write a 5 pages story with established characters and put them in a situation they aren't normally in. I've always loved the story of Casey ever since I was a kid. I was huge baseball fan and wanted to be a baseball player. So one day it popped into my head that Superman would make the perfect Casey and the idea was born. From there it was taking the original poem and translating it to make sense with Marvel & DC characters.

I didn't win the contest but was really happy with how the script turned out and always wanted to see it come to life. Finally after years of looking I found the right artist to do it justice and I have to say Ha Huy killed it on this one. It was the exact style I was looking for with this story. And Thomas is just one of the best in the biz. This was a blast to put together.

Illustrated by: Ha Huy Hoang aka "Splendid River

Lettered by: Thomas Mauer