This is a story I've been working on for a while. I wrote the script back at the beginning of the year. It started with a simple of idea of just showing a father and a daughter enjoying a day, but after talking to my friends Robert James Russell & Wes Locher, it was clear the story needed something more. The two of them are always so helpful in taking my stories to the next level and most of these shorts I do wouldn't be what they are if it wasn't for them. This is key if you are a creator. Find a small group of people you trust to help push you to be better.

After I completed the script and had a real story the next piece was to try and find an artist. This has been the hardest short to find someone for because I really had no idea what kind of style I wanted. I did find someone but our schedules couldn't line up so this sat on the shelf for months. One day I was going through Twitter and came upon the art of Caspar Wijngaard. I was immediately blow away and thought he'd be perfect for this. Boy was I right. He nailed the tone of the story and his style was exactly what I wanted. I was nervous with this being my first "silent" short, about whether or not it would translate and make sense, but Caspar did such an amazing job, this is why collaboration with artists is one of the best things about writing comics. 

Hope you enjoy the short. We had a blast putting it together! 

 Art:  Caspar Wijngaard