This is an idea I had when I started working on my latest round of shorts. I had finally found an artist for PERFECT DAY and also had come up with an idea for a new Android Jones short. Right around that time when I was hanging out in the pool, this idea kinda popped into my head and I immediately had to get out and start writing it down so I didn't lose it. 

Krishna is an artist I've been following for a bit. I think I first came across his art when I saw a Five Ghost image he had done. When I started looking for an artist for this idea, he was the first person I thought of. I got in touch with him about the idea and he really liked it so we hit the ground running. Krishna does the really funny PC Weenies comic strip, which he's been doing since October 1998. Check it out HERE. You can check out this portfolio site HERE or at the link below. 

Krishna has a really great cartoony vibe which I tend to gravitate toward and we had a blast putting this together. When he first started sending me sketches of the characters I had the biggest smile on my face. This short has a bit of the old school comic strip vibe to it, which I love. I also love this style because it's so different than the other comics I've done on here and that's one of the things I am most proud of about this site, the diversity in the genre and styles of comics. It's been a lot of fun working on all the different genres and this short was no exception. 

Hope you enjoy this short and if you dig it, please pass it around to your friends on your favorite social media site. We'd greatly appreciate it. 

- Jesse

Illustrated by: Krishna M. Sadasivam