Below is a pitch that I put together called DASH, BRADBURY with the very talented Tim Daniel (Enormous, Burning Fields, Curse) and Nick Johnson (Wolf Hands). This is a bit of a spin-off from my short HERE WE GO. When I first had the idea for HWG I shared it Tim who loved it and asked me about taking it to a longer format. I decided to continue with the short, but loved the excitement and ideas Tim had so we decided to develop a larger series set in the world of HWG. We needed an artist that could bring this world to life so Tim reached out to our mutual friend Riley Rossmo, who suggested the amazing Nick Johnson to us. As soon as Tim and I saw his work we knew we had found the right guy and I think once you see his pages below, you'll agree. This was a blast to put together and I am very grateful for Tim and Nick taking this journey with me. While it has not found a home with a publisher yet we are hopeful it still might. In the meantime we thought we'd share what we've been working on for a while. Hope you enjoy!

Dash, Bradbury! is a story of finding the child buried deep beneath layers of adult responsibility and duty, showing us that in doing so we can revive our sense of wonder and rediscover the power of imagination.