I'm gonna save the explanation of this one for after the story. Enjoy!

This is a short I’ve wanted to do for a long time. It was even a stretch goal for the Here We Go Kickstarter I did last year but sadly we didn’t get to that total. When I was trying to figure out some ideas for new shorts I had an idea of having the last page of the short, essentially be the beginning of the story most people would tell. I thought it might be fun to end a short on a page where you leave it up to the reader to imagine what happens next. I imagine most people after reading this want to know about this place they’ve discovered and what the girls did, but that was the fun in this short. I wanted to do a short a little about family, about a summer vacation and siblings and then hopefully the last page comes as a bit of a surprise to the reader as it is of course to Stella & Grace. 

Some people may not like this style of storytelling and I’ve had some comments about it not being a complete story and I am ok with that. This is the exact story I always set out to tell. At the end of the day, Savanna, Thomas and I are really happy with how it turned out and that’s truly all that matters. 

As for the ending, what happened next? I honestly never thought about it. I don’t have this grand plan and am using this short as a “back door pitch” or something like that. These six pages were all I ever imagined. However, if people like these characters and are really interested in what happened to the girls, then I think it would be fun for Savanna and I to find out what happens next but at the very least I am happy with just this story. 

As for the team, Savanna has done an amazing job on bringing this story to life. I’ve worked with her sister Paulina in the past. She colored the Ex Occultus short, the basketball short as well as the Spider-Man short I’ve done. Because of working with Paulina I learned she had an equally talented sister and began following her online. I started seeing her art and was really impressed. I thought her style would be great for this story and man do I love being right. (doesn’t happen often but it’s nice when it does) These pages are gorgeous. Her coloring is amazing and all the locations in this feel so real. Her designs for Stella & Grace are perfect. I think Stella is so cute and I kinda want to do more pages just to write more of her. Just like her sister Paulina I feel very lucky to have gotten the chance to work with her before she blows up to be a big star. Thank you Savanna for being a part of this and making the story better than I could have imagined. 

For lettering Thomas Mauer is back and as always he crushed it. Thomas is such a pro and it’s been a blast working with him again after far too long an absence. I think my favorite part of the lettering on this one is the way he did “boring” for Grace and then the end credits/title on the last page, just brilliant. If anyone is reading this that is starting to make comics on your own, here’s my advice: Find a great letterer to do your books. Don’t take lettering for granted. It is an art, very undervalued and will make or break your book. Find a great letterer and hold on and never let go. Sorry Thomas, you’re stuck with me ;)

So that’s my ramble. Hope you guys enjoy this little short. The team had a blast working on it. If you do like it, please share it with someone that you think will like it. Until next time. 

Illustrated by: Savanna Ganucheau

Lettered by: Thomas Mauer

- Jesse