It's been far too long since I've written a comic. It's something I've missed doing and have been wanting to get back to. Ryan and I talked last year about doing another Android Jones short but our schedules never worked out. As I started making some plans to work on some new stories this year, I knew I had to do another Jones story. I really love these characters and they are always a blast to write. 

Ryan as always blows me away with how he's able to bring these stories, locations and characters to life. His style, coloring, storytelling, all top notch and I always consider it such a treat to work with him. Of course it wouldn't be an Android Jones short without Thomas on letters and I was happy to be working with him again as well. He's such a great letterer, it makes the whole process so easy and always does a fantastic job. Comics isn't a one man show (usually) so it's important to put together a great team and I was able to do just that. 

Hope you enjoy this new adventure and if anyone wants to see more, please let us know.

Art:  Ryan Cody

Letters: Thomas Mauer