This short was a lot of fun to put together. I love Sci/Fi and I love Action/Adventure stories, so I thought it would be fun to combine them. Jones started with a simple idea of doing a series of shorts where the hero starts off in a bad situation and then we see how he works his way out. 

I originally started the story with a great artist named Aleksi Rokka. You might remember this post where I showed off the designs he did for Jones and PIP. His designs were great and we had the whole short roughed out. After working on the project for a bit Aleksi informed me that some other work had come up and he needed to step down from the project. I have been trying to work with Ryan Cody for a while now and when Aleksi bowed out, there was an opening in Ryan's schedule. Ryan and I decided to keep the character designs pretty close to what Aleksi had originally done, because we both agreed they were so great. 

As a writer, I feel very fortunate to have been able to work with some amazing artists so far and Ryan Cody is right up there at the top. His art is mind blowing and once he started working on the pages, I was amazed with the speed we were able to get this finished. It's been an absolute joy working with Ryan on this and seeing his pages come in. 

And of course Thomas Mauer is back on letters and as always he has done an amazing job.

We all had such a blast putting this little comic together and we hope you enjoy reading it. 

Art:  Ryan Cody

Letters: Thomas Mauer