10 page pitch for an Original Graphic Novel

I came across Hannah through Deviant Art and immediately i was blown away. I'd never seen art like this before, just truly amazing. So I emailed her about working on a project and lucky me she said yes. I asked her what kind of things she liked to draw and when she told me I had an idea for a story with dragons. We started hashing it out together and pretty soon we had it figured out. We put together this pitch to show around at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle this past March. The response from people who have seen it has been great but we are still hoping a publisher will pick it up. 

Riley Rossmo was kind enough to do a sketch we used for the back cover and we got the amazing Greig Rapson on board for covers and his cover designs were brilliant. It was so hard to choose just one for the pitch because they were all great. And of course Thomas did a great job on the letters, as usual.


The Kingdom of Roan is at war.  Both sides vie desperately to awaken the last dragon to fight for them, a lost relic whose ancestors were living weapons of mass destruction long uninterested in human affairs.  Whoever controls the dragon will win the war, and the secret to bringing it over lies with two ordinary teenagers who have no idea how important they've just become.

A big thanks to Hannah, Thomas and Greig for all their time and effort on this project, it was a lot of fun and always made my day to see new pages. I also want to thank Robert Russell, Jeff Pfaller, Jason Gurley, Jeremy Holt, Ryan Lindsay, Cullen Bunn, B.Clay Moore & Riley Rossmo for their guidance and input on this project. Another big thanks to Charles Soule for is invaluable advice on the pitch and log line. You guys are the best!

Art: Hannah Christenson

Letters: Thomas Mauer

Cover: Greig Rapson

Back Cover: Riley Rossmo